Little Giant #6 - NY State


I am Considering purchasing a Little Giant No.6. Having never used one before, but having hand fed semi-auto equipment for over a decade.

I am wondering- is there anyone in the area of Long Island, New York City, etc who is knowledgable and can run this press? If so, would you consider giving some private lessons on the press to a newb at running the Little Giant No.6?

I’m an experienced printer, printing with platens and lots of automatic silkscreen equipment- but automatic sheet fed offset or automatic sheet fed letterpress equipment is something I have little experience with.

If you’re interested in giving a humble student with a thirst for knowledge about this press a paid lesson or two, please contact me: [email protected]

You can either give it on site at my shop, once the press is in, or ideally I can come to you at your location if you have a similar No. 6.

Best and many thanks,

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HavenPress, You should check with the nickel-plate-press.
they are near you, Best james

Hi James;

Maybe Nickel-Plate are the closest, but they’re over 7 hours away from me-

I am really hoping to find someone local who is knowledgeable about the press.

I have, of course, read the manual I found online cover to cover and made notes for myself; but there’s nothing quite like a skilled operator who can make a press like this work to it’s potential.

So, if anyone is in the tri-state area (closer to NYC the better) and has a little giant no. 6, or has good solid knowledge base on the press, I’d be really happy to hear from you.

[email protected]

The Little Giant #6 is a great press. Easy to run once you make the correct adjustments, it will run all day.