Base for 5x8 Chase?

I was looking to get a base for my Craftsman Imperial 5x8.
I was planning on getting a base from boxcar press but the size they recommend (3.5x6.5) is out of stock.
Would I be able to use the next size up (4.5x7.5) or would that be pushing it?
I have a job coming up that I need a base for so any recommendations for other options are more than welcome!

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4.5x7.5 is way pushing it. You might not get quoins in. You would not have room for regular gage pins.

A piece of furniture grade birch plywood will make a pretty good substitute for your upcoming job. It is 3/4” think and you shim it up the rest of the way to get the base plus plate to .918”
Hard surface press board and paper. Add until the plate takes good ink. Then either add or subtract a sheet in your shim stack, or adjust your packing under the tympan.

Get some ink on your shirt.

Hi inky!
Thanks for the response. I was worried that was the going to be the answer haha. But thank you for the suggestion. I was thinking of using wood.
Would I still be able to use plastic backed plates with the wood?

I routinely use 7/8” cherry for mounting and registering plastic plates.

Michael Vickey

image: wood_mounts.jpg


Michael, do you have a source for the 7/8” cherry?

emthree - I have my own wood acreage and deal with a local sawmill.



I make my own base and could make one for you. Is 3.5” x 5” to small?