Polymer Plates - already made

Are there resources where I can purchase already made up polymer plates? I am struggling with the set up of graphics files to create my own and thought of this solution!
Thank you,

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I’m not entirely sure what kind of pre-made plates you’re looking for and how they’d help you. What are the issues you’re having with setting up your files for plate making? Are you attempting to make the plates yourself, or are you sending files to someone else (Boxcar Press, etc.) to make the plates?

What issue are you having with you graphic files?

I am looking for polymer plates of birds and flowers, or modem geometric shapes. Thank you!

best bet is to find some free to use vector clip art. Size it in illustrator to suit your needs, then send it off for plates from one of the suppliers listed in the yellow pages section of the site.

Thank you!
I emailed box car press and they sell some pre-made polymer plates.
And I will try creating my own in AI.
Appreciate the input.

HA! A modern version of buying a package of metal sorts I guess.

Maybe the plates from “L Letterpress”, “Sizzix”, “Cuttlebug”? Or are the useless? I remember reading someone compared his real polymer plates with those from L Letterpress. He said using his own polymer plates and with care, he could achieve good results with the L Letterpress machine, he didn’t seem to like the L Letterpress plates though. Does anyone has experience with those plates? Can you cut the plates to use only part of the patterns?