Heidelberg Windmill Model Question

I am looking into a Windmill.

Here is the serial number: 118407 E

Is this a year worth getting? I’ve read some models are not as great as others.

Thanks in advance,

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Built in 1958 you’re looking at a black-ball model. That just refers to the color used on the handles.

It’s condition and what you intend to use it for will entirely dictate if its worth buying.

Thanks! It would be used for letterpress printing only.

A 1958 model is totally fine. It won’t have some of the bells and whistles of the laster models (roller lock out, specifically) but if you’re only printing then this won’t matter much. As Daniel said you should be more concerned with condition than model year. See the press run and watch it put ink on paper. I’ve seen many Heidelberg platens that have been abused and that need major work.


Thanks Brad!

You can usually get a good deal on one that the arms lock out. I prefer them because you can die cut with ease. They also convert nicely to a foil stamping press! But the others are right condition is key!