Is there hope for this type saw?

Received a type saw a few years ago and placed it in storage. Now have a need for it but want to ask the experts on here: can this one be used again as a type saw again?

The problem is that it is missing the chassis to carry the metal into the saw.

Someone told me it may be a Miller type saw but I can’t verify that because there isn’t a manufacturer marking on the saw. The only authority I have is that the machine came out of an old hotel print shop and one of the printers who helped load it told me he used it as a type saw.

There was nothing left in the old shop in the way of a chassis. I also had permission at the time to look for it myself, and found nothing.

image: type saw on floor.jpg

type saw on floor.jpg

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That is a Milwaukee Saw Trimmer C&G No. 2 (or possibly a No. 1) saw. The chip chute is an aftermarket contrivance. There should be a handwheel (not visible in photos) that allows raising and lowering the table, which is locked at position by the lever you can see.

C&G No 3. saws (a cabinet looking sort of thing) are sort of common and might prove a parts source for the saw gauge/batten. Note that these are different from Hamilton and other saws in that the material cut is BEHIND the batten. The batten should have a “finger” which is what locks the slugs in position for sawing, though the locking portion can be worn out and not hold the material very well.

J.A. If possible look up *Millers* Printers saw/trimmer, out of Pittsburgh U.S. original patents about 1910/1912 or thereabouts.
Their pedestal models are a ringer for that which you have, may give you some more clues. Several entries on the Web.

I own the model that was actually supplied to Monotype U.K. before the second world war, I would not trade it for all the *Tea in China*

One tiny snag, unlike yours it has to run with a flat belt that HAS to be clipped together with old fashioned belt lacing Crocodile style clips because the belt goes through the main frame.

Fortunately I had some help and advice from the Good Buddies on B.P. re belting and lacing equipment.

Good Luck.

You can see the parts list for this saw on pages 3 and 4 here:
The parts are not like those on my more common Morrison 3A.

Thanks to all for the very helpful comments. I decided to keep the saw.