Rubber Linotype Tray - What’s it called and what’s it for?

I came across a smallish Linotype tray that seems to allow the mats to be racked in smaller compartments. The name Linotype is on the side, and it seems to be made of a rubber type material. I saw on on-line that was metal. What are they REALLY called, and what were they used for? I suspect they were to hold and keep handy odd mats for characters not in the main magazine, but I am just speculating. School me, please.

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Sorts tray, for mats that don’t run in the magazine (pi mats like italic cap Z or &) as you suspected, and other refinements. Fits into bracket above the pi chute. Came in bakelite, rubber, metal.

In corroboration and addition to the above! (assuming I post it correctly) look up *Typecasting - Linotype 1960 Educational film, Ella 73 T V. Ella,s Archives*

A good tutorial, the relevant part comes up at 29 minutes 45 seconds, showing the Pi Mats/Outside sorts tracking right along the Distributor bar, because they, (the outside sorts) have a full compliment of lugs/key code(s).
Down the Channel/Tube and assembled in order.

50/50 either left in the assembly column or dissed into The/Your *Tray* As above.

One of the Jobs that Apprentices/Menials got to do, Before & After brewing the Tea.!!… Bin there, Done that HAD the *T* shirt.??

I have these available for sale, if anyone is interested in a few of these black rubber Linotype Sorts or Pi trays. $5 each plus actual shipping.