SP-20 chain problem

I posted this over on Vanderblog but I’m hoping someone here may have some thoughts or answers.


The chain was thunking occasionally and now it’s a full on clatter without enough strength to drive the ink train. Of course I have a job on press as well as 4 others backed up that are due this weekend. My regular mechanic, Perry Tymeson, is away for the week. Anyone else out there want to come help me fix this? I’m in northern New Jersey.

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Have you checked that the ink drum bushings haven’t failed? Can you move the ink drum up and down with your hand?


looks to me that your motor lacks power.

Fixed it. The set screws on the drive motor had loosened and the sprocket had slid ever so slightly towards the side of the machine, bringing the chains into contact with the metal. Loosened screws, moved the sprocket back, tightened screws, and I seem to be back in business.