Carving Wood Plates with a Computer Controlled Router


A new “machine” is on the market that will carve wood plates with a computer controlled router. Looks like it could carve printing plates on type high wood blocks.


Does anyone know anything about this machine or similar ones and the software that will control the routers?



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This is a CNC mill, they have been around for decades.

These days, there are dozens of cheap, desktop kits intended to be user friendly and I’m fairly sure the X-Carve’s bundled software will take g-code generated by any design software of choice.

If you wish to make plates or type, the best option might be using one of the many software packages used for carving signs. These have a high degree of control in situations useful for carving plates/type that should minimize hand-finishing. You can simply set up a second pass using a v-shaped bit and plunge-cutting the sharp corners.