G P Gordon info and ?rescue?

I can across this ‘barn find’ today.
my research led me right back here to Briar Press.


The press is in not bad shape. Spins freely.
has all the parts, 2 chaises, 3 rollers with trucks.

The owner needs it gone by Labor day.
its on the family farm so he has the equipment to assist in the move.
I did not measure the chaise but it looks to be 9’ x 13’ or slightly larger.
What can you tell me about desirability, fair price and does anyone here want it? if so I’ll set you up with owner info.
It is located 10 minutes NW of Duluth Minnesota.

image: C P Gordon 1.jpg

C P Gordon 1.jpg

image: C P Gordon.jpg

C P Gordon.jpg

image: C P Gordon 3.jpg

C P Gordon 3.jpg

image: C P Gordon 2.jpg

C P Gordon 2.jpg

image: C P Gordon 19.jpg

C P Gordon 19.jpg

image: C P Gordon 4.jpg

C P Gordon 4.jpg

image: C P Gordon 8.jpg

C P Gordon 8.jpg

image: C P Gordon 9.jpg

C P Gordon 9.jpg

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Wow….it has all the gears to make the two parts of the split ink disc counter-rotate, as the disc was originally designed to do…..that is a plus. And, it has a treadle.

The bed-drive mechanism in the 7th picture from the top is not like the C&P. It doesn’t dwell as long, or open as wide, so is more of a dangerous snapper than the C&P. I can’t tell if this Gordon has the same odd ink-roller arms as one depicted on the other Briarpress page: http://www.briarpress.org/?q=system/files/Gordon%20Inking%20Arms.jpg
Looks like might be 10 x 15 or bigger

I’d be very interested in the info if you wanted to send it my way. I live in Duluth right now, also are they looking for a home for any of the other letterpress items in the picture?


Reggie, I have someone who is planning to pull it out in a few weeks.
If for some reason that falls through I will contact you.
send me your contact info;
[email protected]