Hamilton Drawer Pulls??

I came across a Hamilton type cabinet yesterday that has pulls that I have never seen before.
Glass windows with steel push spring.
Has anyone seen this type before?
& is it an original Hamilton pull?
They seem to be the only ones that have been on these drawers.
The pulls and screws have the same aged patina and there is no indication that these drawers have ever had different hardware on them.
Any information would be appreciated.

image: Ham.jpg


image: Ham8.jpg


image: Ham7.jpg


image: Ham3.jpg


image: Ham 2.jpg

Ham 2.jpg

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I once had a double slant-top cabinet that had those pulls, so it must have also been made by Hamilton, though I didn’t realize it. It had one row of regular size California cases and one row of 2/3 cases, separated by a row of drawers about 10 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Wish I still had it!