Curious if anyone has a better specimen sample of this typeface? Also, the Photolettering catalogue shows a version with decorative lines around the characters, wondering if anyone has any information on the particular typeface.

image: Tangier.jpg


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Tangier, in 30 point, has been available from Sky Shipley at the Skyline Type Foundry. It is currently listed as “out of stock.” I’d suggest the obvious, at least to most letterpress printers—use real type.

Tangier originated as Ornamented No. 43 from the James Connor & Sons foundry c. 1857.

The actual design is much more decorative so someone has elected to simplify it and remove some of the frills for the phototype catalog. A revival of the original design was originated with Charles Broad at his Typefounders, Phoenix and then the mats went to L.A. Typefounders and from there went to FS/Barco in Chicago and now reside with the Skyline Typefoundry.


Thanks for the info. :)