HELP Identify Machine.

Hi everyone,

I am researching on printing machines that belong to an old company. I was told that the company bought a majority of their letterpress machines from China and Hong Kong and it seem to look like a hand-fed machine. These machines were actually an imitation of the originals.

Could someone possibly tell me what would be the closest original model of this machine?

Thanks a lot!

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Did you mean to post photos? That would be a key part to identifying the press in question.

Briarpress’ attach an image feature can be a bit tricky if you aren’t used to it. Once you have selected the photo, make sure to click the ‘attach selected file’ button and make sure your images have names that don’t include ampersands.

On a general note, there have been several companies that have made imitations of presses, and some presses switched manufacturers multiple times over the course of their production. In addition to that, equipment dealers would often put their own name-plates on presses, sometimes removing any original manufacturers plates, adding to the confusion.


OMG, yes! it suppose to come with attachment.

image: hand-fed-jobbing-platen-(3).jpg


image: hand-fed-jobbing-platen(1)-15'x-10-1_2.jpg


Would you post a shot of each from the side to get a bit more detail.
As kimaboe mentioned rebadging of presses was fairly common.

Hi platen printer,

sorry for the late reply, these are the detail picture of the machine.

thanks ya

image: IMG_2329.jpg


image: IMG_2330.jpg


image: IMG_2331.jpg


Pics 2329 - 2331 appears to be an art platen press with a parallel approach platen and four rollers along the lines of the Phoenix, Vicobold, Kobold and Colts Armory but has an ink disk instead of an ink drum. It appears to be a bit lighter in construction.

On pic 2330 is that the makers name behind the white power box?

This press has some similarities and there is a reference to the smaller Phoenix having an ink disk.

The press has a visible hinge, and would be a clamshell platen rather than an art platen. Early on,I think both Victoria and Phoenix made clamshell platens as their less expensive models, with disk rather than cylindrical inking, and this press could be patterned after those.

hi Platenprinter,

thanks alot for your reply.
about the pic 2330 power box, there is no name for the power box as we just installed few years back.
According to the research, they had one motor to run 4 machine together( roughly the same one as the pic above but different year and manufacturer)

But we dont have the facts or pic to prove that it happens like that.

So now we trying to get more information about the machine as more as possible.

hi platenprinter,

i think it might be true if they make it less expensive and less heavy.
can i ask other platen have two wheel at the side, one big and one small.
But the one i had is only one big one. Izit because they try to save cost or maybe there is other function to it.

thanks alot for your reply.