Heidelberg 13x18 Maintenance Panel

Hello everyone, I am putting together a maintenance panel for the heidelberg 13x18, once its done it will be printed on a pvc board.

Where can I find the ball bearings that are marked green? also if I have missed any please let me know. the machine is second hand and the markings are long gone.

Since we purchased it we havent had time to clean it , the machine is in a mess….

If anybody would like the print file let me know. Its currently in spanish but I will translate it to english later.

image: offset-mantenimiento.jpg


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I only know of one green spot. It’s a screw on the inside of the flywheel. Maintaining the motor should also be done once or twice a year.

Finally there is a man on Earth who made this :)
Mine has no green spots when I first saw it. Only few yellow and red that survived (inside the press) after repainting by previous owner. Will be glad if You’ll share this panel.

This post has made my day! Ive always felt like im missing some points as my press was repainted before i got it, let just say they painted the shear pin bolt hole yellow and never put a bolt in there…it also seems then13x18 is quite a rare press to come by these days ? Might be wrong.

Would be great if i could get a copy of this :)

thanks people!

I will finish the design this weekend and upload it somewhere as jpg and psd. then share the file no problem.

I dont know how complete it is , as there are so many places to look for… but its a start.

here is the link to download the psd file if interested.

I havent had a chance to finish it… I hope next week!


Hey guys, ive dowloaded the psd and gunna finish translating it tomorrow and will post a link to it here, my translations might not be 100% so just let me know if there needs to be any adjustments :p

v102! It’s great! You’ve made my day.

Yeah sorry guys, ive translated like 80% but havnt had 5 mins to finish it, will try get to it before the weekend!