Hello everyone, I am looking for any information on Nebiolo letterpresses and guillotines. I am about to start restoring 2 letterpresses and a guillotine of the 1930’s and have not managed to get any info on them. I have tried to contact several museums in Italy but got no responses. The company name is still used but not for printing equipment.

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Have you tried the Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione in Cornuda, Italy yet? I was there two weeks ago, they have several Nebiolo presses, and a lot of information about type and machines.

Thanks Thomas, I have contacted them and it seems I will be able to get some good info.

I thought Nebiolo was the name of a mysterious 10th planet that was also called Planet X. According to Ancient Astronaut Theory, it is supposed to come around every 3,500 years a wreak havok upon us.

oh, wait… maybe it was called Neburu…… nevermind.