Metal types identification help

Does anyone know the name and any info of the following metal types?

Some of them have fine details so I have to use MS OneDrive to upload the images as the resizing will make the details hard to see…

Here is the link:

Thank you again for the help.

Best Regards,

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Possibly the reason that no one has bothered to respond to this query is that everything that you are asking is already in your scans!!!!!!

Your first image is a face named Fillet that was designed by Hermann Ihlenberg and cast by the foundry of McKellar, Smiths & Jordan in Philadelphia.

You have obviously culled these images from some sort of specimen catalog and do not have the actual types themselves. You should know that you will probably never find a complete alphabet specimen of any of these faces unless someone has taken the time and effort to provide them in phototype (the various Solotype specimen books) or digital form. And at that, the fidelity to the original face can often be compromised (especially the digital versions that rank amateurs are so apt to attempt to recreate and claim as their own).


I printed all of those specimens on 24 sheets that were in the bundle - No. 24 just last month. And I had scanned them and put them all on Flickr, where he found them:

Hi Steve,

I thought they looked vaguely familiar. Thanks for sharing specimens of your GREAT holdings.