Help Identify this Table Top Beauty

The director of Educational Resources at the Florida Historical Society has asked me to help him identify his press. It says “Model Printing Press, 08 Chestnut Street Phila Pa”. I am wondering if there is anymore information that I can offer this guy regarding his press. He wants to use it for educational demonstrations. Any information you could provide would be helpful.



image: letterpress1.JPG


image: letterpress4.JPG


image: letterpress2.JPG


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The press is a Daughaday Model NO 2 Improved Press, although the press is a Daughaday it was manufactured by Robert Tunis Manufactures after 1902

It’s a good press for demos, but I would suggest a sturdy cart with the top at table height and lockable casters, so that it can be rolled out and used and easily put away. Fasten the press to the card, put a couple of slots for 2/3-size type cases and a drawer or two for tools and accessories, ink, washup supplies, etc, and have a complete mobile printing demo station. The press can do reasonable work, moderate-size cards etc, and if set up carefully the quality can be quite good. If all the preparatory work is done right the visitors can print and take away a nice souvenir of the museum.

I happen to be in Florida at this moment, for another week and a half, for a printing project in Tampa, and could consult with you or the FHS if desired. I live in Costa Rica.

(Former museum curator and designer of hands-on exhibits)


Send me an email and I’ll be sure to pass along your information. I also provided him with a link to this thread.

I am guessing the chase size is 6x9. Any ideas for roller specs?

Thanks for your help, you too petspo1!