C&P 10x15 Installed on Pier and Beam Foundation

I’m looking to upgrade to a floor model press, but my house is a pier and beam foundation. After quickly doing a search about weight, seems like I would need to reinforce from below. Curious if anyone has done this and the weight of the press hasn’t warped floor/walls over the years.

Our next house will have a garage. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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As weird as it sounds, i would check out some of the fish tank forums around the web.

Keep in mind, this press vibrates and moves, so the loading works different than a static load.

Moving a 10x15 C&P around is not easy without a pallet jack You will need to take measures to protect your floors. Are your doors wide enough? Are you going up stairs to get in to the house? Or are you thinking about partially dismantling it?

If you take everything apart down to the base you can squeeze a c&p base through a 28” door.


Thanks, Rob. During my search I got fish tanks and gun safes. You bring up great points about the vibrations I didn’t think of. Might need to rethink my plan.

I’ve also considering investing in a modern shed for the backyard. Appreciate your feedback.

Have you priced out a modern shed? The price per square foot is probably higher than what you’d spend to have a garage built on the property. That is, if you’re referring to the pre-fabricated “Modern Shed” that I’m familiar with. They’re beautiful structures and great spaces, but if you’re on a tight budget you could get a traditional garage for less money.