Harris Collection book

Does anyone have a copy or willing to make a copy for me of the Harris Collection book? I asked Dave Greer and thought this would be a good place to inquire.

Casey McGarr
Inky Lips Press

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Hi Casey,
Do you mean this Elizabeth Harris book?

It appears there are copies on Amazon for as little as $2.49.


I’m guessing that Casey means the book printed by David Greer under the title “The Harris Wood Type Collection.” He has photographs (not scans) of it online on his flickr account:


Out of curiosity, though, does anyone know the origin of the Harris Wood Type Collection (now a part of Greer’s collection)? Was it put together by Elizabeth Harris of the Smithsonian (who also wrote the book/exhibition catalog “The Fat and the Lean: American Wood Type in the 19th Century”), or by someone else?

David M.

I’m sure that you are right, David. Thanks for posting the link. I hadn’t seen Mr. Greer’s photos of this specimen.

The Harris wood type collection was put together by Stan Harris. Dave Greer printed a specimen book after he acquired the collection. It was printed in an edition of three I believe. It will be damned hard to photocopy since it’s 14 by 19 inches!

There were 6-copies of Stan Harris’ collection printed. I was just trying to use-up the paper that I had, at the time. I believe that copies No. 3 & 4 were printed on a mix of newsprint and Irish Linen, since I was running out of the original stock.
John Horn should have Copy No. 1; I have Copy No. 3 and Stan Harris should have Copy No. 2; I believe that Dave Peat has Copy No. 4 since he was the high-bidder at the Wayzgoose when it was auctioned. I remember giving a copy, printed on newsprint, to my sister, but after she passed-away, her family could not find it. It is very doubtful that any copy will be found for sale, unless one of the people, named above, offers theirs for sale.
Dave Greer

John / T. J.

If you can get them scanned, i have the capabilities to print digitally at that page size.


Yes, it was the copies of the The Harris Wood Type Collection. Rob, if you can find one and print it digitally I would interested in obtaining a copy.



Any chance you would scan / let someone scan your copy?


I hereby give permission to John Horn, to make copies of my Harris wood-type specimen book, or any of the other wood-type specimens, that I printed, that are now in his possession . I would suggest that they be reduced in size from the original book. I do not want to get involved in it, myself, with my copy (actually, the late Jane Roberts’ copy).

Back in 2007, Robert R. Reid, of Vancouver, made 15-reduced-size copes, of my Lyons Wood Type & Border specimens, for the Alcuin Wayzgoose. They were 8.5- x 11-inches, in size, but contained one original-sized page (pg. 205). They were laser-printed, but nicely bound, with his recollections, and original photos, of T.J.

Dave Greer


Would you be willing to scan / let someone scan your copy?


I have no association with this type specimen book, but I am a book collector. I believe it unreasonable, in most cases, to ask a person who owns a potentially valuable printed item to freely allow it to be scanned for reproduction. The end result for the all original owners is a deflated demand for their copy as well as an eventual deflated value when reproduced. The photo scans already provide 99% of any scholarly information needed. Be content with that or make an original owner a premium offer. After purchasing a copy for a tidy sum, think about how open you would be to allowing your copy to be reproduced.


I am sorry to offend you, I understand you point of view.

My goal was to preserve and make an extremely cool piece of history and make more available to the community at large.


Rob… I apologize as well for making you the bullseye of my comment. I was really aiming at anyone who takes too lightly (unknowingly) the “value” of some items as well as some help recd on this site. I have no problem reproducing most items. In this case I wanted to show by example that the original owners could be relinquishing a minimum of $xxxx+ by donating a copy of a script for reproduction of which so few were produced. That kind of generosity would give me pause. Should they wish to do so is up to them. If so, I might be the second person on your list to request a copy.


The value is the preservation of wood type specimens printed for the enthusiasts since the actual type already has an owner. If the first thing were how someone could make a monetary gain for having, an only copy would defeat the purpose of preservation and research. It was surprising the first comment from Butch would be on the value of selling “$xxxx+” the printed piece as if it should be handled with white gloves. In all accounts, of course the printed type specimen book would be sold. “The Art of WoodType by Greg Ruffa” or “Alphabets of Wood by James Clough and Chiara Scattolin” are both great resources and both published books sold internationally and less than the reference of “$xxxx+”. If the gain is to make a large amount of “$xxxx+” without the consideration what this piece could do for teaching, research, preservation, education, etc. Then I would not have brought the topic up in the first place.