kluge main shaft bushings

I have to replace the main shaft bushings on my 10x15 Dseries press has anyone ever done it and any tips, pointers, or things to watch out for would be greatly appreciated

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what makes you think you need to do this?

well the felt apparently was very plugged up on my non op side of my press and was not receiving oil press started clapping very loudly and jumping hard upon inspection a gray powdery dust was laid all over the main shaft now there is a 3/16th gap on the impression end of the bushing causing the gear cam to jump 1/4 inch when it strikes

“non-op”side? do you mean the Gear Side? one should be aware that if the oil in the “cup” does not go anywhere, IE it is always full, then the oil is not going into the bearing area where needed.

yes I mean non operator side trust me it didn’t take long for it to self destruct that side had prior damage and was using a grease to cushion the already tired bushing I’ve wanted to change it out for 10 plus years now my hand is forced to commit I am waiting on the bushing specs from kluge for my machinist to build me a set of new ones its not a job I ever looked forward to doing this press has been running daily since its birth so there’s no way I will give up on the girl lol