Rocker Arm measurements C&P 12x18

I have a beautiful C&P 12x18 (1929) with a missing rocker arm. I think I can fabricate one if I can find the measurements. Most important is finding the measurement from the center of the first opening to the center of the other opening.
If anyone has the ability to measure this or can scan an actual rocker arm it would realy help.

If anyone knows where one might find original plans that could be photographed, please message me a contact.

Thank you for your help.

image: image.jpeg


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I have a 12x18 from the era, I can run over to my shop tomorrow and snap some photos and take some measurements.

Awesome rmiller021 the would be great thanks!


Here are the pics.

I think this is the part you are looking for.

More Pics Here

PS I Do have a 10x15 parts press here at my house, and dimensionally it is the same piece, i still need to confirm the shaft size is the same, I need to run back over to my shop to confirm.

I will let you know in a day or so.


image: IMG_Measurements.jpg


Hehe, I am a moron that’s the throw off.

You want the part behind the main gear.

I will try to get some measurements for you :) Sorry again

Thanks for checking Rob,
Sorry for the delay getting back to you.
It is hard to get good photos of the back side of the large gear wheel, but yes you are correct, the rocker arm is on the inside of the large gear wheel. You remove the rocker in order to remove it.
Here is some more information on my press:
•Large gear wheel diameter: 537.5 mm
•Bearing that rides inside of cam surface of the gear wheel. The diameter of it’s connecting shaft: 25 mm (where it would connect to the rocker arm)
•Rocker’s connection to the rocker arm: 64 mm (this is the mounting surface where the rocker arm would slide into the rocker)

image: Rocker Arm View Front.jpg

Rocker Arm View Front.jpg

image: Bearing.jpg


image: Rocker-End.jpg


image: Rocker Arm View.jpg

Rocker Arm View.jpg

image: MyPress.jpg