Mystery brass tools

When I was helping a friend clean out his father’s printshop, we came across these two brass tools in a wooden box. They are brass, 6 & 4 inches long, 1/8 inch thick, and about 1 1/2” wide.
The box was next to a vertical Mehlie and a Linotype machine. Any idea what they were used for? Anybody interested in the machines near Dayton, Ohio?

image: mystery_brass_tools.jpg


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Look like they could be mold liners for a linotype are there any numbers stamped on them?

those are liners for a linotype, they should have a point size and length stamped on the top of them.

I would be interested in looking at your presses. I will be in Springfield either January 3 or 10th. Tom 630 618-9155

-These are liners for Linotype.
Would you be interested in donating them to the
Print Shop at The Carrillon Historical Society in Dayton? We have two operating Linotypes.
-Virgil Morris 937-298-5065