Uneven Ink Distribution - Windmill 10x15

My Windmill is distributing the ink to the outside of the ink drum. I printed about 2000 cards and only added ink to the middle of the press for the whole run. I was not printing an image that would cause it to loose ink quickly in the center. I suspect the cause of the uneven inking was possibly because the four adjustment screws on the sides on the ink train are not set properly. Can anyone tell me exactly how loose or tight these screws should be to allow for even ink distribution on the drum and form rollers? I have 4 new rollers on the press so hoping that is not cause. However, I have older trucks on the rollers. And I am using the whole ink train, but not the fountain.

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Your solution is in your last sentence, always use the fountain. Some may disagree, but it’s the only way to keep the ink consistent. Even with small coverage 2k prints is plenty to make a visible difference.

One thing that can cause light inking in the middle of the form is that your rollers are old and swollen on the ends. If this is the case, just get some fresh rollers.