Heidelberg Platen motor question

I am having issues with the motor on my Heidelberg Platen 10 x 15.
When I push the start button now all the motor does is moan and groan, no turning. I need to push the flywheel to get it going, then no issues. I ma not “motor savvy” to know what the problem might be.
Thank you all for the help through the years and happy holidays to all!

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First thought would be, (assuming you are running 3 phase motor) artificial or otherwise, there is partial failure of one phase, probably the one that energizes the contactor/solenoid for all three, generally 3 phase motor will run of off 2 phases but as you imply will need *push start* Substitute HUNTING for Your Moan & Groan.??

First and probably ONLY first line of attack should be Qualified sparks inspection,!! but D.I.Y. phase test is possible, one of the Good Buddies Stateside has already implied/published same on B.P. fairly recently.

Do you own any other 3 phase appliance that can be overplugged/plugged in.?? to verify.??

My guess is you bought this press recently and it previously sat for a while?

My first windmill did the exact same thing. Never changed a thing on it and it works fine now. It just needs a little love (oil & time) to get everything moving freely.

Your motor will have a wiring diagram on the plate, make sure it’s wired for the correct voltage. Usually there’s a high/low configuration.

Also you can take the belt off the flywheel and turn the motor on. Make sure it’s spinning the correct way.

If it is a single phase motor, it could be the starting capacitor

jhenry has the right idea if a single phase motor, it could be the starting capacitor or start switch. If 3 phase it could be in the motor or the starting switch or contactor have seen many 3 phase switches or contactors with overloads one of the 3 have failed or tripped.

We are closed for the holidays.
So I will check it out when we return.
Thank you all for the response.
Happy Holidays to all!!