Roller Evaluation

Howdy all — would someone please comment on the condition of these rollers (if possible visually) that came with the press? I checked the roller height and the middle roller is considerably lower than the other two. Any visual diagnosis would be appreciated! C&P OS 10x15


image: rollers_4893.jpg


image: rollersLeft_4894.jpg


image: rollersRight_4895.jpg


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A bit difficult to evaluate with a photo, but all three rollers seem to have glazed surfaces. The outer two more so than the blue one (most likely the newest). The roller trucks have been taped to adjust for the differences in diameter of the rollers, and if the blue one is lower, perhaps it needs more tape (assuming the other two are correct height.


1. Get a roller setting gauge or a large type character to check the roller height to the bed. Wrap of unwrap the trucks to make the adjustments necessary to get the rollers at the correct height. (Note, once you get the rollers at the correct height, make certain you mark the trucks somehow so you always put them on the same roller and the same end.)

2. Get some roller or rubber deglazing solvent to return the surface of the roller to a good velvety condition. You can use Putz Pomade to condition the rollers, but it may take quite a bit of gentle rubbing. The rollers may not be as glazed as they look in the photo. Lighting can do some strange things in photography.

John Henry

Thank Mr. Henry. Could you advise me how to check roller height with a large type character? Wood or metal?

Is it logical to replace the rollers and start fresh? And if so, should the trucks be replaced at the same time or they independent to the roller integrity?