Need new rollers for a C&P

I have an Old Style 8”x12” C&P. The press doesn’t have good rollers anymore, especially the trucks (which you can see in the attached picture). So…

1.) If I can only afford to replace the trucks, where are these sold at? —> Are trucks only made of plastic now? If so do they work well?
2.) If I want to take these rollers and have them re-cored where can we do that? Will they also provide new trucks?
3.) If I want brand spanking new rollers, where is the best place to purchase those?
4.) Which one is probably cheaper, re-coring or purchasing new?

Thanks so much!

P.S. This photo doesn’t really show that the rubber is damaged and gashed.

image: IMG_2507.JPG


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Fritz at NA Graphics would be happy to help you out, I think.

1. Fritz has trucks. They are delrin (nylon), and from what I understand, that’s the preferred material.
2. Re-cored implies keeping the rubber bit and replacing the metal bit… C&P Rollers have two states: Old rollers with old cores and new rollers with new cores. The cores are super simple to make, so it’s cheaper to make new ones than to ship old ones all over tarnation.
3. Fritz.
4. See #2. New is really your only option.

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I recommend Ramco Rollers. I believe he has replacement rubbers for your trucks.

Todds Press Time has my vote, easy to deal with and I believe, on his performance with my little challenge, happy to chat about options.

I also had a great experience with Todd’s Press Time when I recently bought rollers for my Golding Pearl #3. Todd is extremely helpful and provides great customer service.

I also talked with Ramco and thought that they were also professional and helpful, but decided to give my business to Todd in the end. I remain happy with that decision.

Todd’s Press Time

Treaded me fair with my 8x12 and V-50