Pricey type?

I just spotted this on an Ebay type-seller site that I watch.
A pretty nice font of 30 Pt Huxley, 17A
***$765.00*** only 4 days left,
Put in your bid before it slips away.

Is this font really that rare?

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Not seeing the same price you are. But I never buy used type. Never know if your short or smashed.

Sorry, false alarm.the price has now reset to $49.00.
Now that’s more like it.

Well, with over a day left, it’s been bid up to $351.00, so…

Was that type, used or new worth 350.00 plus? I guess if you want to sell used type for a huge profit like that seller, you need to paint it flat black and steel wool the face to make it attractive for sale!
If you look at their pictures closely, you can see the paint and the steel wool evidence.
I hope no one here is getting sucked in to their Lip Stick and Makeup!