Paper for Digital Photos and Letterpress

Hey everyone,

I’m curious to hear about some paper that would be good for printing both digital photographs and type via letterpress. I know there is a Lettra Digital paper, but I’m wondering if anyone has experienced any rub-off from photographs printed on uncoated paper, or what some other options out there might be.


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I assume you are talking about printing the photos using a digital “press” (i.e. laser printer process) and then running the sheet a second time through a letterpress for the type?

Some coated digital papers do scuff significantly if rubbed or exposed to moisture, and crack when folded or cut, but uncoated stocks rarely have those problems in my experience.

There is a chance you’ll see some scuffing and even cracking if the printed image has areas of very heavy coverage, as digital toner creates a rigid film. I’d plan the layout accordingly, and if the letterpress printing goes onto the digitally printed image, I’d test that before committing.


I tried this type of printing in July 2015. After using coated coat, photo paper from office supply, basic 80 lb cover and Cougar Digital Cover. I found that the “basic 80 lb cover” with NO coating worked the best.

The basic 80 or 100 lb printed the photo better as it gave it a richer tone to the photo than the others.

The basic 80 lb made the photo have a warmer look.

I made greeting cards and the letterpress printing with Ludlow type came out great. And, everyone I showed to loved it.

The same greeting card using the same paper NO cared for.