Kelsey 3x5 Model N + All Letterpress Supplies

Selling my Kelsey 3x5 with EVERYTHING you need to start printing!! This press taught me so much about letterpress - it is small, but mighty. It’s compact size will fit in even the smallest apartment (I know from experience :) while still giving you full printing capabilities. The press is in perfect working condition, clean (looks brand new!), with no rust and ready to print. I am ready to move to a larger press but I would love to see this beauty go to a good home!

Sale includes:
- 3”x5” Kelsey table top letterpress on wood base
- 1 Chase
- Brand new rubber rollers & trucks
- stack of tympan paper and packing
- Custom made 2.75” x 4.75” photopolymer base (deep impression)
- small bag of quoins and furniture
- assortment of type and “Happy Birthday” stamp to practice
- Small allen wrench for Chase screws
- Large allen wrench for Platen screws
- original Printers Guide by Kelsey Company
- 8 full tubes of oil based ink - assorted colors
- Hyde putty knife
- Bluettes work gloves (Medium)
- Masking tape
- 3-in-1 Oil
- Simple Green & Vegetable oil for cleaning
- Will include deep relief photopolymer plate for practice

$1000 OBO
Must pick up in the Washington, DC metro area or I am willing to figure out a meeting area in the middle :)

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image: Kelsey 3x5 stamp

Kelsey 3x5 stamp

image: Kelsey 3x5

Kelsey 3x5

image: back of Kelsey 3x5

back of Kelsey 3x5

image: Press and supplies

Press and supplies

image: working supplies

working supplies

image: printing and cleaning supplies

printing and cleaning supplies

image: custom printing base

custom printing base