What kind of new heating elements for Intertype C4?

What kind of (modern) heating elements (resistors) are suitable for Intertype C4? I believe some of the elements of our machine fried yesterday and I already called an electrician, but I need information on what kind of elements to buy/order, since I´m in a hurry with my projects. Also, is it ok to just melt and empty the pot using carefully a propane torch? Thank you for any relevant information!

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When I was in this situation, a propane torch did not work. MAPP gas did (yellow cylinder here).
The Propane flame kept going out and it was just too weak to melt a whole pot. Maybe if you had a tank of oxygen to mix in, you could keep it lit.
Unfortunately, a quick web search indicates that MAPP gas might not be sold now, and its weaker replacement Map-Pro gas only burns 150 F degrees hotter than propane.

In the event that you may not have equivalent in the U.S.A. (apologies if there be such.!)
But as the world is a much smaller place now, an E Mail to,
linecasting [email protected] may prove constructive, and useful.
Re the Melting and emptying with a blow torch, generally NOT considered safe, because the flame tends to get blowback from the enclosed space, within the Intertype Pot, it has been done many times on the Monotype, but in that case, when the Mono Pot is swung out a flat exposed surface is exposed, but even so *Blowback* occurs.!

P.I. Apologies, obviously you have a Turbo Charged *Mouse* or whatever.?

Even though I’m guessing that you’re in Finland, you might want to ask Dave Seat here in the USA. He knows just about everything there is to know about servicing Linotypes and Intertypes, and has done pot repairs. His e-mail address may be seen on his website at:


On a slightly related topic, Mark Turpin has re-engineered the Linotype “micro-therm” pot heater controls using modern components. His solution might work for Intertypes as well. He’s licensed his writeup of this for open distribution. I’ve hosted it for him at:


David M.

Any electrician should be able to help you, new to the trade or not they should be able and can figure out what you need to replace your existing elements.
Please don’t ask the guys that where the Orange Pouch at Home Depot. They are not electricians!

Omega Engineering can make new ones for you if you don’t find NOS ones

There is no need to empty an Intertype pot prior to removing a heating element. That frustrating task is a Linotype exclusive. :o) Have you checked the pot elements and the throat heater for continuity? Electric panel breaker, control box fuses, and Partlow control must also bear examination before lifting out the pot element - and the asbestos packing. [Oh Look! I can see the swooning fans a’fluttering already at the mere mention of ‘Asbestos’. :o) ] Failure to heat is not aways a burnt element. By the way: calrods can be repaired. But Dave Seat is the go-to expert on things hot metal.

I have new resistors for the Intertype Control Box. Let me know if I can be of help. I came from the Intertype Factory.