Chandler and Price?


Just wondering if anyone can help me identify this press? It looks like a Chandler & Price Oldstyle but there are absolutely no markings on it.


image: IMG_4636.jpg


image: IMG_4637.jpg


image: IMG_4638.jpg


image: IMG_4639.jpg


image: IMG_4640.jpg


image: IMG_4641.jpg


image: IMG_4642.jpg


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It’s not a C&P. No internal frame, the C&P flywheel rim isn’t that ornate, doesn’t say C&P at the back. I also don’t see a throwoff, as far as I know all C&Ps had a long throwoff lever. Maybe a Franklin Gordon? There are a number of Gordon presses similar to a C&P Old Series. Some had a bulge on the flywhweel as a counterweight, but I don’t see one of those in the photos..

Is this the same press shown in thread “Impression Lever”?

Definitely not a C&P as Arie pointed out above. All C&Ps, from what I recall, have a chase bed that mounts on the outside of the press frame. This one seems to mount inside the press frame.

I do, however, have a very early C&P (one of the earliest I know to exist) and it doesn’t have the internal frame and does have the counterweight on the flywheel. It’s a 7x11 from 1887 and most parts are stamped with the serial number that matches the chase bed… so I know it’s not some frankenstein. My guess is that C&P hadn’t yet bothered to tweak any of the Gordon designs at this point.


Thanks for the help everyone!

Is this the counterweight on the flywheel you mentioned Arie and Brad? (photo attached)

Parallel_imp - it is the same press, didn’t know it was already on here! Bought it over the weekend.


image: IMG_4651.JPG


Yes, that’s it.