Monotype Moulds (Molds) on E,Bay

Regarding Monotype Moulds currently advertised on E Bay.
At the risk of upsetting the Sellers, for which I apologise,!!
If I receive a visit from the Indian High commission, I will understand, perhaps the Sellers are uncertain of what they offer,??

Quite a mixed bag, but the ones listed by Point Size, i.e. 6 Pt. to 14 Pt, (composition sizes) some leave a lot to be desired at ANY price, DO your homework before you bid, if at all.

Those listed as of English origin and BELOW 22,000 series numbers, irrespective of size are from a long long time ago, and Can not/Could not be upgraded/modified to CONSTANT HEIGHT standard, = meaning that all 4 parts that came into contact with the Matrix case/Die case on descent, were only normal High grade steel, by implication after (admittedly) many many Millions of characters casting, over long periods, eventually the surface,s x all 4, Top mould blade, 2 sideblocks, and cross block, ended up with 2-3 Thou concave, (.002-.003”) depression, which eventually prohibited the Matrix Cases from seating properly and merely hastened the wear on other Matrix Cases, as long ago as the mid 50,s such moulds would only have been considered suitable for casting spaces in bulk.

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