Part for a Golding Improved Pearl 8

Does anyone have the specifications for a treadle crank stud for a Golding Improved Pearl 8? It attaches the treadle connection (rod) to the treadle crank.
Since it has reverse threads, I can’t do trial and error at Lowe’s or Home Depot.
Bolt size, length, how long is the shoulder, etc. Anything that will help me specify the correct thing over the phone. Thanks

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If you can’t find it….

One could re-tap it for a known reverse thread size/count

I believe it is a 3/8’s -16 left hand thread, 1/2” shoulder length and diameter. Length of threads about 1/2” as well.
I have made several.


Thanks John

You can obtain the required L/H shoulder bolt from McMaster- Carr Part number 90324A152. approx $7.00


T and T Press Restoration

John and Tom - Thanks for the help.
Bolt and crude treadle (that works)

image: GP8-2.jpg


image: GP8-1.jpg