Polymer plate making for Wedding Invites


I have been asked to design and print some hot foil wedding invitations for a friend, but this is more complicated than simple business cards that I have printed before.

I usually make my own photopolymer plates, but they have only been text or small motiffs. So my question is, can I make one plate for the entire invitation, or would I have to make several separate ones, to include the elements of the text, motiffs and corner pieces, and then line them up?

My hot foiling machine is a Block Master 5 x 8.

Best wishes

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if you can find a foil based polymer that is “strong “enough for hot foiling, then these can be cut into sections and just print which bit you need, then slot in others as required by butting up, then removing one you have just done.

Photopolymer plates, designed for very hot temperatures are available, but they don’t seem to be used as much in America, as they are in the UK.