Dave Robison (Ink in Tubes)

Has anyone heard lately from Dave Robison, who sells ink in tubes? I placed an order and sent payment back in January but never received anything, and despite repeated emails to either send the ink or a refund, he never responds. I’ve ordered from him several times before without any problems, so am just wondering if anyone knows if he’s OK?

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I recently (somehow) found a link to a page where he says that this is his very busy month for orchids and he will be difficult to reach. I see that he is signed up for the San Jose Printers’ Fair which is April 9 so I think you will hear from him soon.

Good luck

It’s difficult to imagine that in 8 weeks he couldn’t fill an order for one tube of ink, or even take the time to respond to one email from a customer. I know that if I treated my customers that way, I wouldn’t have any.

Sylvia C,

If it’s a problem for you then speak with your wallet. Cancel your order, call your CC company and request a charge back, and order the ink you need from someone else in one pound cans. I don’t think critiquing Dave’s business practices on a public forum is a very productive way to resolve the dispute.

Or give him the benefit of doubt. I doubt he’s making a killing on selling this ink, the market for his product is very tiny, and letterpress printers these days are astonishingly fickle and cheap. He needs to do other things to make ends meet.

Dave’s not in denial about his tardyness, his order form clearly states: “Ink in Tubes is a tiny part-time operation; please allow up to two weeks for shipping, and note that shipping may be delayed during peak orchid show season (Feb.-March).”

As I said, I’ve had very good transactions with Dave in the past, and was just wondering if anyone had heard from him. My order was placed in January, so at this point is well beyond his two week fulfillment time, and again January is not within his peak orchid season. He requests that payments are sent via Paypal using the “to friends and family” option, so I have no ability to cancel my order since as far as Paypal is concerned this was not a business transaction.

Hi Sylvia,
What color are you wanting? We may have some extra in a tube I can send your way until you get your order from Dave.

Just send me an email ([email protected]) , and I will see what we can do.

Happy Printing!


Thanks Pete, I will email you.