Alan Kitching article

I didn’t know about him but others may — I enjoyed learning about another eccentric printer.


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Bob ~

Thanks for sharing a fascinating read! Very interesting to learn some of his other outlooks in life.

Couldn’t help but notice the skylight in his shop. I’ve attached a copy of one of the more curious windows I’ve seen - displaying the representative artist’s studio in the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

It made me wonder how many of our fellow printers here have natural lighting in their shops?

image: Artist studio, Streets of Old Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Museum, August 2012.

Artist studio, Streets of Old Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Museum, August 2012.

Unfortunately mine has totally artificial fluorescent lighting, but it is due to my choice of location. Alan’s solution could be done here — and perhaps I should think of doing it — but the tropical Sun beating down would probably cause the ink to dry on the brayers!

I liked his wood type arrangements and use of color. It made me wish I had held onto all the nice wood type I had — and lots of other stuff I had. Rats!



Big thanks for pointing out this article. Totally enjoyable.

I too wish that I had some natural lighting, but it is not to be. My shop is in my basement and the only windows are a few small narrow ones up near the ceiling that are at ground level outside. I don’t like fluorescent lighting so I use incandescent bulbs. I have 1,500 sq. ft. of floor space and almost 9 feet of height between the slab floor and the floor joists overhead so it is ideal for stacking type and galley cabinets on top of each other. This scheme serves me well because I have over 2,000 fonts stored in the shop. After four decades of hauling goodies home, I don’t think I can even consider trying to take it all UP and out of there.

The barns here on the farm also serve me well to store excess and duplicate materials, printing related and OTHER “stuff.” I simply tell people that I will probably die in this house because don’t know where else I could possibly store all of my treasures.


Bob, Hopefully you can enjoy a cold beer to go along with the tropics. There are some good videos of Alan on Vimeo.
Rick, I’m green with envy.