Help Save a Linotype

I’ll start right off by saying I am asking for donations.

Dave Seat posted earlier this week about a Linotype Model 31 available in Endicott, NY. I emailed emailed the owner a few times and took the drive out there today, mostly to see how difficult moving it wold be. It was far easier to see it than to go back and forth in emails. While I’m not a rigger I am sure this is something I can do. He casts almost daily on this machine and it is in perfect working condition.

The Problem.

The owner, Bruce, needs the machine out as soon as possible because he has sold the building. After returning home and adding up the costs of rentals and materials to safely remove the Linotype, it’s beyond my budget in such a short span of time, 2 weeks. If no one takes it, it is going to scrap.

This is a very rare opportunity, as you all know, because most machines are either in too poor of condition or too far away. I will be forever grateful to anyone who can help raise the small amount I need to save this Linotype.

Matthew “LAMMY” Lamoureux
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I can mail you a DK ation to help, no credit card.

Aaron, I appreciate that. I think you have mailed me items before but if you need an address feel free to email me.


All of you are simply amazing!! In just one day I’ve received 3/4 of the goal in donations. Truly amazed at this community. Please keep it going, donate, like, and share!

Thank you all so SO much for your donations. The beautiful machine that is such an amazing part of history will NOT go to scrap. The $900 goal covers the cost of removal. I ask that you continue to share this with others so that we may raise more funds to purchase the 9 fonts that Bruce has as well as give him something for his generous contribution.

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Thank you all so very much. Your generosity has guaranteed that a part of history will not see its fate end in the scrap yard. You all did this in JUST ONE DAY!!
I have updated the campaign and goal to see if you can do more than just save the machine. Thank you again!

You guys and gals are truly remarkable!!! Thank you all so much. Please keep this going. Any additional funds will go to wiring, plumbing and service to get this machine going again.

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Thank you all again for your support!! You are truly an amazing bunch of people. Out of curiosity I called a professional rigger to get a quote on moving the Linotype out of the building and onto the trailer I am renting. It’s not a bad idea to have insured professionals do it. If we can get the amount to $2,500 I can hire them on top of purchasing the fonts and giving Bruce a little something. Please continue to share this with everyone you can. THANK YOU!!!

Posted a new update to the campaign. Too much to post here. Less than a week before this Linotype is relocated and things are moving along.

Thank you all again!!

Just two more days and I will be relocating a Model 31, saving it from scrap. Thank you all so much!

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