A friend found this in someone’s basement. It has beautiful markings on either side but no identifying information that I can see. Plus the chase seems to be locked in place? I would appreciate any information. Thanks.

image: IMG_4912.JPG


image: IMG_4913.JPG


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Sigwalt Nonpareil, probably 5x8 or 6x9. They are excellent little presses — I use my 6x9 a lot. The chase is held in on the bed by two pins, one on each side through the roller rails, that a double-wedge bump on the ends of the chase wedges behind. Lift the chase straight up and it should slide right out. It can be inserted either way up due to the double-wedge.


Ahhhh, thanks, Bob. I will pass along the info.

ADDENDUM: Looks like the pawl that advances the ink disc is missing, as well as the gripper mechanism. Neither should be very hard to replicate.


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Ok, good to know. Thanks, again, Bob


I while back we had replacement ink disc pawls cast for this press.

Let us know if we can be of assistance in providing this part for you.

T and T Press Restoration

Thanks, Tom. I will check with her and let her know.