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Hi all,
I need some advice on upgrading my press. I am currently pressing on a Kelsey 5x8. It’s been great, really, for a hobby press and has done well by me- after I learned all its quirks…I am mostly just printing a2 folded greeting cards, so I only need a smallish press. BUT, I feel like I need a press that is less finicky and doesn’t require multiple roller passes to ink well, or double impressions…its been driving me a little crazy now that I’m busier. I DO love hand pressing (and, to be honest, I’m a little frightened of motorized presses)….however, I am going to get busier business wise in the very near future- would a 6x10 c&p pilot or a Golding official be any better/less finicky than the Kelsey? I don’t mind the work load of hand pressing, I just want to be able to do runs of about a 100- 200 (before cleaning and switching ink colors) without having to do multiple roller/ink passes or double impressions…
Many thanks in advance- all advice is gratefully received!

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The C&P Pilot and its clones are very well suited to “hand pressing” without the vagaries of the Kelsey. The presses are built with better impression capabilities, and good inking, although still with only two form rollers. In my opinion you could not go wrong with a press in this class. There are also other European-made presses which are similar or even heavier built.

An 8x12 C&P floor model press with a good variable speed motor should also be under consideration. With a speed control, or even a treadle, you can print as slowly as you wish, and you gain the strength and capability of a larger and heavier press. The other advantage is that these presses can often be found at a lower price point.

John H.

Thank you, John!. I have been considering the c and p- I’m trying to find someone in Los Angeles who I can pay to give me a lesson, and then I’ll see if I can wrap my head around using one/get over my scaredy cat-ness…
I suppose one advantage is that they are almost half the price of some of the restored tabletops I have been looking at…
Many thanks for your speedy advice!

Another reason to look into an 8x12 floor model (or another press like a golding pearl, for example), aside from the third roller- would be that a press like that opens and closes without a lever actuation. You arm won’t ‘feel’ the double impression as much so even if you wind up requiring 2 hits (as is sometimes the case for good inking on flatter or broader/heavier forms, for example), you won’t be as fatigued. 200 vs 400 impressions is just more time with such a press, not necessarily more ‘feeding’ if you’re just letting it cycle twice.

If you have a space that can house a floor model 8x12 or golding pearl or the like, I would add to/second John’s advice and suggest it.

Haven Press- thank you so much for responding. I think I am definitely going to go for an 8x12 floor model- it makes the most sense. Thanks again!