trouble with ink fountain, Heidelberg Windmill

Dear All

.. and suddenly stains appear in the ink in the ink fountain.

I was printing and the color became darker. I checked the ink
fountain and I saw a few stains along all the ink.
It is really strange because the drops come from the outside because they are not mixed in the inkā€¦

I cleaned the ink fountain very well and the stains appeared again.

Unfortunately i don’t have a picture but I made a graphic of the effect… (sorry for that!)

image: inkfountain.jpg


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Nice illustration. Make sure you’re cleaning underneath the fountain where the keys are. If ink is back there it will drip down after the fountain is raised back up into position.

Just wrap a rag around the bottom and drag it along, you’ll see its pretty messy back there.

Easy check is to take out fountain blade , slacken off the blade keys and undo the bolts to release the blade. Almost certainly a build up of old ink. Give it all a good clean, could be a chance to remove the keys give them a clean and a grease. Good luck.

Thank you for the help!

I’ll try to clean all the ink fountain components and will see.