aeroset dry powder anti set off spray

Does anybody from the Briar press family have any instructions for the aeroset dry powder anti set off sprays, I would like to get any instructions or parts list.
Fingers crossed, Frank.

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Frank, good chance (after Sunday next, 19/6/ `16,) can post 2/3 maybe more, titles of reference works, to help your quest.!!
From reference archives in our Museum Print Shop, with permission and use of Photocopier.

Possibly still posses, original unit from Glockner/Mercedes entombed in the loft since 25 years ago.??

Mick in Sussex.???

Thanks Mick, will keep fingers crossed.

I found these in a magazine, sorry that is all I could find at the moment.

image: SAM_0231.JPG


image: SAM_0230.JPG


Frank, re the excellent re-posted literature, from John & Liz S. the One liner stating, the *Only spray providing complete control of quantity* etc, holds good because with a full compliment of *Needles* the amount was/is regulated precisely, = Business card,s on a small platen, up to an 8 page in full colour, on a big Cylinder.!

Thankyou Liz and John for the pictures. I have just got my spray unit running and have a compliment of 5 needles but it is nearly 50 years since I last used a unit on a press. By strange coincidence it was on a meihle Vertical then and is the same now. However it would be nice to see the instructions again.

Mick, thanks for the coments.


If you put in google search for aerostyle ltd on page 4 look for and look at the pdf 1957 you will see detailed drawings by Mr. Webb an American of spray units including the one you are after, I think?

or just click the link I just tried it and it will take you there


Thanks for the link.