Are these foundry type matrices?

I bought these recently and I think they are molds for foundry type. Any insights from BriarPress land? The box is marked 60*88 as are the bottom edge of each die. On the top edge another number I think might be info on width of each character.

image: image.jpeg


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Those are, I believe, US Monotype Giant Caster mats. Set width (in points) is on the top, and I believe the bottom numbers will be series and point size (60pt, series 88). There will be US casters out there who know more than I, though.

Probably, *Medievel Modern* series 88, withdrawn by Monotype, about the mid sixties. In the U.K.

Pictured above, slightly different in configuration to Mats of English origin, in that the 2 slots for loading into the Matrix Holder are in U.K. form, (for the Supercaster,) both the same depth as opposed to the specimen pictured = approx. 4 point x 4 point slot at the right X 4 point by 6 point at the left to view.
English origin 4 Pt. x 4 Pt. slots. (15 boxes on sight at time of post.! inc. 60 Point series 275 Gill Bold)
With mats struck in the U.K. the Series, Size and set widths are normally at the same end, i.e. 275 above 60 at left in 6 point followed by S (series) + far right set size in points, As above, but boxed/housed in progressive order of size, for the convenience of casting.

88, eighty eight, is almost certainly the Series number, but one little red herring, that did appear in the late 50,s early 60,s when The lending Library in Redhill, was at its peak, frequently, the number of Mats that should be in the box of Hired Mats was also recorded on the outside of the box.!!

It was not unheard of, by default, for the last Mat to be left in the matrix holder, when rushing to return the Hired Mats to Monotype within the time period for hiring.

Frequently, also, the reversed out Alignment mat, was left behind, is there such in Your box of mats,? Do you have the same system for Your Giant Caster, if so you will probably be disappointed to find that the alignment Matrix, is less than type high??? but that did not stop the Smart A***, Comps/Minders, making ready complete columns/lines as borders for certificates, ….(C.) M on M - 25/06/2016.!!!

Consequently a face like Medievel Modern, with full Upper case, Lower Case, figs, punctuation, Ligatures, Dipthongs and Especially, in the case of the above, with *Swash Characters,” could reach anything up to 104 (max) Mats per box, 88,? could well be the series number AND the number (as you imply the *BOX* is marked) and the number of mats in the box, does it check out thus. Stateside. ??

Giant Caster mats would probably be Lanston Monotype, not English. The series numbers for the two companies are different. Lanston series 88 is the ever popular Cheltenham Bold Cond.

The key to a quick ID of these as Giant Caster mats (vs. English display mats) is the unequal depth of the sides of the notch on the left side of the mats.

This is another reason to acquire Rich Hopkins excellent book “Tolbert Lanston and the Monotype” - in it he reproduces and annotates a photograph (which appeared earlier in the ATF Newsletter) showing a wide variety of display matrices.

David M.

The face is Cheltenham Bold Condensed