Golding Parts: Automatic Brayer System

I have a Golding Jobber no. 7 (10x15) and am looking to get the parts required for the Automatic Brayer System up and running.

From what I gather I need the main brayer unit and the parts that connect it to other moving parts on the press.

I attached pictures to get a better idea of what I am referring to. The green in the image of the mostly black and white diagram photo shows the main part.

I will need the metal rods and the “lever connecting rod heads” on either end of the rods as well as the main brayer unit. Assuming if at all found, I would need rollers and in that case would use Ramco to recover.

Thank you for any help–it’s appreciated

image: green.png


image: press1.jpg


image: press2.jpg


image: press3.jpg


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I have that fountain on my #7, sans the handle and ratchet gear. Those I intend to have a machine shop remake if I can ever get a patter from someone. The rods and ends I plan on buying from Fastenal. They have an assortment of steel rods with threaded ends as well as the ends, forget what they’re actually called. At the worst I you can get plain steel rod stock and die the end and possibly have the ends made.

@Lammy: thank you for the info and help!