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I recently purchased a used Polimero A3 Platemaker. Although I talked to the owner before buying it, there are more things wrong with it than I was told. An electrician has gotten the lights and the dryer working. The washing out unit is not functioning at all. I couldn’t tell the electrician if the plate moves or the brush moves. I have searched for a manual, but have not been able to locate one. From hand washing out plates, I know the general workings of the platemaker. Would someone who has the same model or a similar model (a Polimero A4 Platmaker for example) be willing to talk to me on the phone about the platemaker? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Go to Reference materials/

there you can download the file about the Polimero
which is just a few pages but has important information about the heater safety switch. Turning the bath heater on without water in the tank, it will reach a temperature that trips the safety, and there is some disassembly needed to reset the switch.
In most units the brush is stationary in the bath, and the plate carrier above is what moves.

hello, all polimero machines have the stationary brush mounted in the washout. the upper platen rotates. the washout has several flaws that can cause the motor to not run. the timer on the front, the motor, the motor reversing relay inside the unit, also there is a small putton switch on the lid facing down these go bad. look for a button on the right side of the lid with a little rubber spot around it. i used to service the polimero and other machines and would be willing to help send me a note if you need more information