Challenge 15 MPC proof press questions

We (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network) just purchased a Challenge 15MPC…yes, fully motorized…and need to find a schematic for the motor and press. I can find info about the 15 MP and the 15 M, but nothing specific to the MPC.

Anyone out there have a working one, and willing to talk? Or have better documentation?

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The ink drum motors on the Challenge 15MP and 21MP were made by Bodine (#NSI-53R) 1/12 hp, 1725 input rpm with 10:1 reduction right-angled gearbox for 173 output rpm. Use SAE 30 oil. The carriage motor should also have a label with similar information. Bodine is still in business, however, last I checked the closest motor they make that could work for the ink drum is #0623, 1/8 hp, 170 output rpm and #0624, 1/8 hp, output 85 rpm.

Thank you for your feedback. Here is the problem we are experiencing. We bought the press through briar press, from someone in California. She was able to operate it, and I saw a video of the actual press in action. The press has three switches on the control panel. As far as we know, the left switch operates the power inking. The middle switch turns on the light, and also operates the carriage, toggling it to the right moves the carriage to the right. Toggling it to the left should move the carriage to the left. The same is true for the switch to the right. However, each time we try to return the carriage to the left, it makes the motor labor and blows a fuse. We replaced the fuse with a breaker box, since the fuses are $8 a pop, so we can experiment without replacing fuses. We attached the manual handle so we could move the carriage. Two issues are apparent. One, the carriage is stiff, but not so stiff that the carriage won’t move to the right. Second, it seems redundant that both the middle small white toggle switch and the right switch, a larger toggle switch would do the same thing. We did have to replace the main wire when we got it; the insulation on the wire was disintegrating and was too dangerous to even plug into test the press when we received it.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, and if anyone knows someone who has a challenge 15 mpC, I’d love to contact them.