Vandercook Uni 1 - sort of?

So, as it turns out, uniqueness is a great word in almost all circumstances but a little daunting when describing a manufactured object meant to be classified as a group. My Vandercook seems to have traits that are not typical of the type of press it is (Universal I - power - with automatic frisket/sheet delivery). It has a reset button on a box that my press repair people thought for sure was aftermarket….but were surprised to find out it’s not. Also, the switches are charmingly not the ones in the manual. Anyone heard of a press with these specifications previously? I’m having a dickens of a time trying to track down a replacement switch, just curious if people knew of ones like this.

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It will be hard for anyone to help you without some photos or more specifics.

As Daniel implies, difficult without some basic details, you should be able to eliminate the very basic fitting and configuration, i.e. the size/bore of the switch gear into the main frame/body,e.g. 1/2” - 3/4” diameter.! Then fitting of the wires to the switch,! … 3 possibilities maybe, >factory fitted *Spade* connectors,< >Factory wired, soldered on, Connectors< >Aftermarket *Crimp On* connectors,< + any visible markings re *Load capacity* *X* number of volts, *X* (Max) amount of Amps current drawing capacity.? number of poles, i.e. how many wires are switched, all normally found on the actual switch, unfortunately in 4/5 point type, frequently covered by Paxolin Anti-flash guard, *** found on original factory fitted equipment and normally on aftermarket, as well.
With the above info to hand, talk to your local friendly Electician/Sparks for the next move, and/or trawl the Web for replacement(s) …Basic info from the *Horses Mouth* always helps.???

*** Anti flash shrouds, quite common in Printing equipment where inflammable substances are/were lurking in the Air.???. More important in times past,!! when the *Good Ole Boys* had a cigarette or a pipe on the go, *Snuff* was never a problem, except for the spores in the air from “Sneezing”

Good Luck. Mick.

Fritz at NA Graphics will have the original sales information, given the serial number of the press, as well as knowledge of design changes over the course of production of this model.