another typeface ID

Could someone help ID this face? I’ve looked backwards and forwards through McGrew but cannot find that “H”!


image: newhorizons.gif


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Cheltenham Bold Outline. The “H” pictured is an alternate character.


This is Baltimore Type & Composition Corp’s casting of Cheltenham Bold Open, No. 12. Any foundry castings of Cheltenham Bold Outline never had an alternate H. It is possible that the slanted H was the only one in Baltimore’s fonts.

Dave Greer


Thanks for the correction regarding the “alternate” H.

Monotype #12 Cheltenham Bold Outline has the slant H, and there are a few other differences from the foundry version.

Baltimore Type & Composition #12 does not include lower case and it is called “Open”.

Michael Vickey

image: balto_12.jpg


image: monotype_12.jpg


And now I see that the Monotype alternates actually are shown in McGrew—I just didn’t look carefully enough!

Thanks for your help.