Challenge Cutter / project

Just purchased the Challenge 19” paper cutter “Multigraph” a truly unique pice of equipment. They just don’t build things like this anymore. The only problem I have with it is that the large screw, which controls the raising and lowering of the paper stack. It’s rusted tighter then, anything. I’ve been soaking the screw in PB plaster penetrating lubricant for about a week, and still will not budge. If anyone has any ideas on how to loosen it up I shall be happy to listen.

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mix the pb blaster in a cup with some “automatic transmission fluid” . drip it on from the top. a torch with “MAPP” gas to heat the outside, then the screw repeatedly. alternate between the screw and frame,heat and cool cycles. IE: heat the screw this time, let it cool, heat the frame next time, let it cool, periodically, tapping lightly with a piece of brass. keep trying to move “Back and Forth”
FYI, A) there are must better penetrating oils out there. “Kroil” being one. B) the piece of brass needs to be of usable mass,( you want the “taps” to “penetrate” into the piece), not just “a little tiny piece” any hard steel will dent/dimple the press casting.

Shall increase the use of heat. Brass hammer will also be employed. Taping lightly. ATF can’t hurt. PB is said to reduce the torque needed to loosen the device by at least fifty percent. Thanks for the tips.