Monotype Assembly Plant(s) U.S.A.

Please, is there any way of establishing, How Many, How Few, and where Hot Metal Monotype machines were Built/Assembled in the U.S.A., (until the demise of course)

The author has been an indentured, Monotype Operator since 1954 and just coming around the 2nd. time.???
Was in the Monotype (U.K.) works several times, it was No Secret, that a certain amount of the production of Monotype Machines was done, other than at Redhill, i.e. in Sunny Downtown Brighton Sussex, a smaller engineering works turned out Composition size Nozzles, amongst other parts. (the author has inherited many of the rejects).??

The author has also inherited, a few artefacts, from the Monotype Works, that never made it into the Trade, because of the eventual Demise, … Nickle/chrome, plated composition size Matrices, as an example.. . Plastic 31 channel (Monotype) spool paper as another, etc.. . Virtually indestructable but crucified the Pin Punches on the Keyboard, >Bin there, Done that, Got the *T* shirt< and a set of replacement, Punches.???

Some 2/3 Years back An amazing Lady, visited the Museum Print Shop, (Amberley, West Sussex, U.K.) Who worked in Dunfermline, Scotland, between the 1st. and 2nd World Wars, where they Manufactured SUB-Assemblies for Monotype Machines, VERY, VERY interested to know if any of that operation is recorded any where.
Will be asking, Monotype Imaging, out of Redhill Surrey U.K. for Info.
M.I. as above is (Apparently) the U.K. wing of the Parent company/equivalent in the U.S.A. all and any, corroboration more than welcome.!!!
Please & Thank You. Mick.

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I would recommend two books, the first of which is directly relevant to your query (and the second of which will certainly be of interest).

The basic history of the Lanston Monotype Machine Company (with some information on its demise in 1970 and subsequent matters) is Richard L. Hopkins’ book “Tolbert Lanston and the Monotype” (Tampa, FL: Univ. of Tampa Press, 2012) ISBN 978-159732-100-6.

The UT Press web page for it is at:
I don’t know if it may still be obtained from them. Amazon (US) can’t get it for you. ABE lists one secondhand copy at a bit over list.

Others here know more of this history than I do, and I’m sure will respond. As far as serial numbers and numbers of machines made, though, I think that the simple answer is that for Lanston machines nobody knows. In particular, no serial number lists for Thompsons are known to survive.

The basic history of the English firm, beautifully done but published without the cooperation of Monotype Imaging Holdings Ltd., is:

Slinn, Judy, Sebastian Carter, Richard Southall. Ed. Andrew Boag and Christopher Burke. “History of the Monotype Corporation.” Vanbrugh Press, 2014. ISBN: 978 0 9930510 0 5

The Vanbrugh Press website for it is at:
I got my copy directly from them, though (not in the US) also shows it as available.

Neither book is inexpensive, but both are very good. They’re essential references for each of the two firms.

David M.

David M. thank You Sir, off to a flying start, just a shame that , as You imply English Version/Firm without M.I. cooperation.
Some 3/4 Years back attended an Exhibition in London, mounted By Monotype Imaging via the U.K. arm of the Stateside Parent Company, (I believe?) The exhibition was Entitled *Pencil to Pixels* the Narrator/Host and I spoke a *Language* almost incomprehensible to most others.??
I was a little disapointed that not one of our Homegrown (alleged, self appointed, self confessed) EXPERTS bothered to turn up.

I do have one tiny avenue to check out, i.e. not too far from Myself there is a bookshop with most subjects, Shelved by category, Unfortunately Letterpress Printing, Typecasting, Typefaces, Typefounders, Type designers, (Inc, Eric Gill, and I have published before I was employed by Ditchling Press, Successor to St. Dominics, for 14 Years, until the DEATH) such books are *Shelved* on the lowest possible Shelves.!! and on Hands and Knees, for long periods tends to cause mayhem, perhaps.??

Will do ones best to check out the Publications as above.

Thank You. Mick.