Ornate face similar to Crayonette

Hello type lovers

I acquired three sizes of this face and I can’t find it in any catalog.

Someone posted a reference to the Mac McGrew book, which I have just purchased. What a treasure!

The 36 pt is shown. It reminds me of the heavy use of shaded, showy faces of early 1900s stock certificates. I’ve attached a photo of the lovely “and” ligature included with the font.

There is a pin mark that I tried to photograph but I can’t make out the legend inside. The body has a half-nick as shown.

thank you!

Mike Moore
LetterKraft Press

image: nickandmark2.JPG


image: nickandmark1.JPG


image: nickandmark3.JPG


image: SwashBuckle36pt.JPG


image: SwashbuckleCapZ.JPG


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I am interested as well!

A fortunate find!

The typeface is called Crayon.

Crayon was cut by William Ihlenburg and the face was cast by McKellar Smiths & Jordan of Philadelphia. Patented February 9, 1886.

Michael Vickey
Nickel Plate Press

Crayon was shown twice in The Inland Printer, in March 1886 and March 1890. The two inline images here are scans of these showings as reproduced in Annenberg’s “Typographical Journey through the Inland Printer” (a must-have book). Here are temporary copies of higher resolution versions:



David M.

image: crayon-ip-1890-march-TINY-annenberg-324.jpg


image: crayon-ip-1886-march-TINY-annenberg-093.jpg


Thank you sirs, and I appreciate the Inline Printer excerpts, now I can refer to the font by its correct name.


Mike Moore