Gold Boss Foil Unit — missing parts?

I’ve come across this foiling unit for a Windmill. But I believe there are bits missing. I know that the heating part is missing, and I can manage to build that, but I am more interested in knowing how this attachment advanced to pull the foil and how was it instructed on how much to pull or advance.
Anybody that has this unit that would be kind enough to explain and to send some photos?

Thank you.

image: 0a846441-6db2-4320-a735-9dd479b93de9.jpeg


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You might try Fritz at N.A. Graphics for some information.
See this post for his comment.

I have e-mailed Fritz, and he confirmed I am missing parts, but I doubt he has the time to get around to letting me know exactly what I’m missing and what it looks like. :(


I have a unit from Crocodile Industries and have attached a scan of the parts I believe you are missing. If needed I can send a picture of how my unit is set up.
Hope this helps.

image: SKMBT_C45216102410180.jpg